Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm so naked in these clothes

It is school time again, boo, and I have to start another blog to put all my university work on so that our class can critique each other. The title of this blog is actually perfect for the first post on my other blog, the studio I am doing this semester is focusing on the idea of shadows...

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I think (after reading some of the chapters we have been given to reference) that the idea of shadows represents an element of the fashion system, in that there must be a divide of the interpretations of 'fashion' being rather than a garment, the sociology of the consumer. Therefore something in which possesses the term 'fashionable' could be simply a shadow of clothing, or less, personal opinion/thought which has literally no physical element.

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“Fashion is something that exists in peoples’ minds, it changes the way people respond to clothing” Yuniya Kawamura

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Here is a quick photoshoot Melissa Belissa and I did last week with a garment that I made for Design Art & Society. We needed to 'respond to knit as a modernist', I had just gotten back from New York where I saw the 20 year Margiela retrospective at Merry Go Round with Cole and was quite inspired by his recycling of garments.

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That and I have a wallet that is lighter than a swallow in winter AND Sue Thomas (our teacher) is a fruitloop for sustainability and I knew making a garment out of an already existing knit would be easy & (like moschino cheap and chic but with out the chic) & would get some sort of brownie point, or brownie, or at least just not brown nosed?

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Looks like a car has run me over multiple times- as does my face.
Boxing class in 25 minutes, I'm gonna get hardcore exercised with the tattooed bald white man that takes the class. roar

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