Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Superheros for Ged

We have a fashion illustration class with Ged Peel where our project is to create a magazine layout on illustrator that features our face and one design that relates in colour or mood. I decided to make a SUPERHERO layout, and made some tacky super suit that gives me the power to put anyone to sleep! If I wanted to use my powers for good I suppose I could make people (ie everyone at uni) feel refreshed, but thats not as much fun.

So here; a sleeping-superhero-spectacular-bodysuit and her sleepy-silly-face.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rohani Binti Hussain

A few photos from a shoot I did in collaboration with another RMIT student, Rohani Hussain, although she studies photography. We had a professional stylist, makeup artist, bartender (yes!) and it was at a night club called the Roxanne Parlour which has amazing artists like Peaches play. It was incredibly fun and good to try some more experimental things with fashion; I'm not sure you'll see me in this stuff strutting down Swanston Street or anything but its good to develop an appreciation for textures and inspiration for future collections.

The only complaint I would have is that it was winter and absolutely freezing- and apparently tulle and bandages aren't good thermoregulators, who would have thought?

Thank-you also to those who have given me feedback on the blog too, I really appreciate it!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pleasurable openings

I made this outfit in response to a homework assignment we got given to create "pleasureable openings" I dont know whether it was just me but I couldnt stop thinking of sex. I toned down my ideas and ended up making lingere (sortof) except the entire garment is able to be opened in different areas for storage or easy access. There are pockets at the breast and crotch & at the belly button. I also made the blue necklace from a Dangerfield sequined beanie that I cut up (the same as the red necklace worn in the previous post). It was incredibly fun to create this, although Im not sure what shoes to wear it out with?


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sushi Party & Melissa

Melissa (Bliss) is a style icon extraordinaire. She is a fashion student and is always so trend-forward with elegant street style. I love that she is wearing wedges at the moment; it’s that weird transition from winter to spring at the moment so she can combat the weather by being a few inches higher from the ground, but not compromising in comfort.

Sushi Party
Harriet had a sushi party so I decided to get dressed up inspired by the autumn/winter 09/10 accessory report in Vogue Australia's October issue:

Coat from Savers, Dangerfield beanie cut up and turned into necklace, black polyester pleated pants tied at ankle from Adelaide Op Shop, black belt from Target, Red tie-dyed nightie tucked into pants from Vietnam



Saturday, September 19, 2009

3:46am oh my god

The collection I'm currently working on...very exciting! I can't wait to finalise some jackets so I can make them and wear them out. Going to a Sushi party tomorrow dressed as a cucumber, must find outfit! Oh no I discovered its almost 4am Saturday night and I'm reading Tavi & Sea of Shoes :)



Thursday, September 17, 2009

<3 Anthony Lister

Some photographs of work by Anthony Lister- an amazing current Australian artist

Enjoy! EC

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Alice in reflector land

Stephen always comes up with interesting ways of wearing normal clothing- school pants tucked into hi-top Chuck Taylor's with layers of cotton long sleeve tops; accessorised with my metal ring for plastic sculpting.
Charles = Chuck

On Saturday Melbournians were reintroduced to the concept of humidity, flocking onto the streets in search of cold beer and good parties. This was strange, being early spring, with overcoats still not yet tucked into the cupboard for storage, and skin still so ghastly pale the fake tan couldn't be applied quickly enough. Ended up at an Alice in wonderland party- in a house entirely covered in aluminium foil- like Andy Warhol.

(Spent the majority of the time wishing for yogos & boost packaged juice).

or running away from the faces in the walls

Instead of going to the Spill party afterwards (gigantic abandoned warehouse which for $5 secret entry promised the night of your dreams complete with office hoes & indie pros) I snuggled with this magic man and his magic eyes.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Magic Menswear

A collection of images influencing this Springs menswear trends in Melbourne. A special day to be celebrating my favourite thing (men) because its 9:09, 09/09/09! excellent!

LOOK 1: Is it just me or has Comme really taken over recently? I have seen so many boys wearing black skirts or kilts (maybe it is Marc Jacobs influence too)

LOOK 2: Soft comfort clothing- oversized knits (or grandpa sweaters) in soft colours; layer upon layer of cashmere or Australian merino. Plain shirts with short collars paired with pants cropped at the ankle (I think this trend originated from Thom Browne) and Brogues from Savers. These images are Hutson.

LOOK 3: Male Boho- commonly seen in little alleys in the city or Brunswick/Smith streets/Sydney Rd. This trend might stem from the recession, but I think it is more of an aesthetic due to social changes, men seem to have recently developed a huge confidence in fashion and are prepared to step away from the usual drab attire that is Melbourne (more specifically; trackies/jeans, t-shirt/hoodie/jumper, runners/thongs). I like this look- moving into spring I think men should rock out with vintage prints & bold colours, rolled pants or shorts, long socks & Doc Martins.

Images are Junya


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A'fashion worth a'pashing

This is the most incredible platform to show collections; videos! Here is the Gareth Pugh AW09, I love the evolution of fashion marketing, more like art than science of money.


And The Funeral of New Orleans


The last video is incredible, it describes menswear & musical instrument garments for protection from drowning in the sea. The music that is played in the background is particularly evoking too.


Monday, September 7, 2009

Sportsgirl Style Competition

Did a quick photoshoot for a Sportsgirl competition, the mood is like 28 shades of grey through blueberry eyelashes.

Speaking of blueberrys, or rather Burberrys, Lindsay came over today and stole my green burberry trench coat claiming it was his....honestly, what good are boys?

The dress in this image is actually a skirt full of pleats, its polyester but it has the most devine thin buckles at the waist that you wrap around to fit any shape! I bought it in an op-shop on a recent trip to Adelaide.