Sunday, May 31, 2009

Something about Nicola FORMICHETTI's styling makes me gaga.
Also makes me want to do this blog shit all over again.

Esio. My virtual turtle. Malachy wanted to call him Argyle but I told him when we get a real turtle and put him on the balcony with grass and strawberrys and water to swim in then we can name it Argyle, because a name like Argyle implies a certain sophistication that a virtual turtle just doesnt have.

Christopher KANE,
This white fabric has inspired my next collection for menswear. Crisp nude block shapes with french seaming and stif wrinkles, how devine. My highlight garment is pants with drawstrings that run vertically down the leg, that give volume and structure but the fabric is white cotton voile....light and airy. I like it.

An image by Luke SMALLY, taken from Nicola FORMICHETTI.
I just cannot believe how stunning this man is

I think if I was to ever walk by a man so beautiful that my heart would shatter and I would become liquid jelly pulsating invisibly on the pavement.

I met this monkey in Laos earlier in the year, I gave him Malachys shoe with all its lumps and bumps. I wouldnt mind seeing Paris HILTON swap her horrid yappy dog for a little monkey dressed in Louis Vuitton.

A leaf insect on my hand in Malaysia.
A leaf with a heartbeat.