Monday, June 22, 2009

Some work I created using the ideas of Surrealism; the Dali exhibition is currently in Melbourne and the ideas of abstraction have been permeating through my brain since seeing it. The garments are inspired by Elsa Schiaparelli's glove hat, although made from random inanimate objects not influenced by my consciousness; in my case a Revival shopping bag. The gloves were hand stitched together and the hat was sewn with a sewing machine with the beading detail given to my by my mother who cut it from an op shop dress.


Went to Ocean Grove today to eat chips and fish.

A new puppy has invaded my little cottage and its name is Chloe and it is black and makes little squeaky noises when you are further than 1m away.">

Reminds me of Leigh Bowery so much, I feel that some partying with face paint ought to happen soon

or maybe of self portraits by Walter Van Beirendonck

His Winter09 Collection was so awesome, Peter Boyd is his friend because they are both incredibly strange and amazing avant guarde fashion designers who also teach students at fashion school. WVB seems to be big on concepts rather than wearability, like Peter and his leather straps and disintegrating blazers.

He designs for S!X

David after the dentist- endless amounts of amusement.

Today I was thinking about creative people, and the definitions that society places upon creativity in order to bookmark everyone. The limitations of species I think are narrowed to a certain level or narcissism and complete satisfaction with being insular yet a complex understanding of the scope of human emotion and experience.

I think creative people are intelligent in that they understand that a touch of the smarts requires more than a memory, rather a sense of being and existing at each moment and a constant yearning for learning and achieving new ordinaries. New ordinaries being something normal that can happen, but in a different context, or a new environment, analysing entire situations then reconfiguring them, dissecting the essential and replicating it through a scope of imagination- that's what humans are challenged by- in terms of something new- and humans are interested in themselves, how things relate to themselves, and therefore creative people are able to create new cliches for the other people to abide by in a new and interesting way.
For example in fashion...Indie fashion
I hate indies.