Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fashion is a life of the globe

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Got a call from Robert Childs (head designer for Thom Browne) yesterday from New York (drunk at 4am) and was so very excited to hear all the gossip about where the company is headed and that they are now showing in Paris not New York and now have a full womenswear line rather than capsule collection!

Have been going a little crazy in the gym, all the flat-rats at the Y (ha) have inspired me to hardcore get into hip-hop, cannot stop listening to smooth Tribe Called Quest and Mos Def...(aparently Talib Kwali was in Melbourne last night?- we saw him at Brooklyn Bowl once in Williamsburg) but this song has just got it going on...

I'm at school now trying to print shit off and my print credit is $0.90 and my bank account balance isn't much greater. Damn man, lyfe sux. Cant afford to do my homework.

Although one highlight of University today was getting Sue Thomas's signature, yeh, seriously! She was so suss about what I was going to use it for, it was a riot just to ask her, I am going to scan it and put it on this blog and will remember her words of inaccurate wisdom for the rest of my life.

Here are some more images from school work recently: made a dress out of table cloth plastic material that is seriously fun to wear.

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IT was supposed to reference Modrian and De Stijl -----------
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----------------although the topstitch machine wasnt so fond of my fancy plastic and chucked a spasm at one point which got me scared about libby and hence the entire thing really ought to be unpicked and thrown in the trash.

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Oh well. Was thinking of making the front pocket into an attached bum bag (ie put zips at the top) or adding a few more triangular structures at the front...whadduya reckon?

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Love Emily C


Anonymous said...

emily you should so wear this to class on thurs for A.B.C (anything but clothing) dress up!!! p/s love the blog!! :)

hannah said...

yup yup i love this table cloth dress. would be great to wear in a paint war.

original seed said...

absolutely crazy