Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Mental Slave

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Fernando bowled next to these guys in Williamsburg, no big deal just shared cupcakes with them:

gah, the life of a pro ball player.

First day with Nathan Brown today, designed 2 types of military jacket on illustrator and a leather shirt. Life at BlackByrd is totally fun, I think I'm gonna love working there.

Saw this on television tonight, Australians are so interesting- couldnt stop laughing...

Started finally making Anna Dixons 21st autumn dress on the mannequin, I started to dye silk with betadine and iodine and soya sauce to get good colour ways for the theme. I'm not sure how it will smell by the time of the party but I will keep you posted....

Fell in love with this man; Damir Doma. Here is a snippet of his incredibility
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1.2.3. its kinda dangerous to be me.....EC
embarrassing really.

:) xox

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