Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Magic Menswear

A collection of images influencing this Springs menswear trends in Melbourne. A special day to be celebrating my favourite thing (men) because its 9:09, 09/09/09! excellent!

LOOK 1: Is it just me or has Comme really taken over recently? I have seen so many boys wearing black skirts or kilts (maybe it is Marc Jacobs influence too)

LOOK 2: Soft comfort clothing- oversized knits (or grandpa sweaters) in soft colours; layer upon layer of cashmere or Australian merino. Plain shirts with short collars paired with pants cropped at the ankle (I think this trend originated from Thom Browne) and Brogues from Savers. These images are Hutson.

LOOK 3: Male Boho- commonly seen in little alleys in the city or Brunswick/Smith streets/Sydney Rd. This trend might stem from the recession, but I think it is more of an aesthetic due to social changes, men seem to have recently developed a huge confidence in fashion and are prepared to step away from the usual drab attire that is Melbourne (more specifically; trackies/jeans, t-shirt/hoodie/jumper, runners/thongs). I like this look- moving into spring I think men should rock out with vintage prints & bold colours, rolled pants or shorts, long socks & Doc Martins.

Images are Junya


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