Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sushi Party & Melissa

Melissa (Bliss) is a style icon extraordinaire. She is a fashion student and is always so trend-forward with elegant street style. I love that she is wearing wedges at the moment; it’s that weird transition from winter to spring at the moment so she can combat the weather by being a few inches higher from the ground, but not compromising in comfort.

Sushi Party
Harriet had a sushi party so I decided to get dressed up inspired by the autumn/winter 09/10 accessory report in Vogue Australia's October issue:

Coat from Savers, Dangerfield beanie cut up and turned into necklace, black polyester pleated pants tied at ankle from Adelaide Op Shop, black belt from Target, Red tie-dyed nightie tucked into pants from Vietnam



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cute blog :)
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