Sunday, September 13, 2009

Alice in reflector land

Stephen always comes up with interesting ways of wearing normal clothing- school pants tucked into hi-top Chuck Taylor's with layers of cotton long sleeve tops; accessorised with my metal ring for plastic sculpting.
Charles = Chuck

On Saturday Melbournians were reintroduced to the concept of humidity, flocking onto the streets in search of cold beer and good parties. This was strange, being early spring, with overcoats still not yet tucked into the cupboard for storage, and skin still so ghastly pale the fake tan couldn't be applied quickly enough. Ended up at an Alice in wonderland party- in a house entirely covered in aluminium foil- like Andy Warhol.

(Spent the majority of the time wishing for yogos & boost packaged juice).

or running away from the faces in the walls

Instead of going to the Spill party afterwards (gigantic abandoned warehouse which for $5 secret entry promised the night of your dreams complete with office hoes & indie pros) I snuggled with this magic man and his magic eyes.

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