Tuesday, January 5, 2010


SO I figured that the only people that check this blog out are my mates, so I'm just gonna post everything that's been happening since I moved to New York, and not do it on facebook to avoid spending too much time bonding with my computer when I could be making love to this city.

BASICALLY IVE MOVED to new york city. Im living in Williamsburg in a warehouse apartment with some crazy cats who I will explain to you all about later so that pictures can explain the majority of the situation.

BUT here are some photos of the WHORE HOUSE, a party apartment a few of us visited on New Years......it was pretty outrageous, everyone was smoking joints & humping on the dance floor. In one of the rooms there was just a back beat playing and all these guys were rapping together with the crowd screaming and jumping and breaking it down- but it wasn't wanky because its real.....this is new york.....this is what people do here?

Its crazy to live in a place where everything is so cool that the rest of the world imitates it and dilutes it to shit.

All my love from the cold side of the world xxxoxoxox

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you look like you are having so much fun on your adventures. keep us posted pretty lady xx