Sunday, January 3, 2010

Gorilla Guerilla Fashion Show

It has been a hectic month, and before that it was quite insane too! I have so much gossip to share but will space it out over the next couple of days to make life a little more exciting and blog posts not so extreme!

On the 1 December 2009 I organised a fashion show for up and coming designers in Melbourne who are also completing the same fashion degree at RMIT. It was particularly for second year designers and featured menswear, stretch wear, cycle wear, lingerie, particularly concentrating on tailoring as well as decorative techniques and accessories.

Here are the only 2 images I have of 1 out of 5 outfits that I showed, a constriction jacket with a panel of laser cut leather on the front. It was designed to create a perfect silhouette for a man, to constrict the body and elongate the figure to avoid social body pressures; no gym, no protein shakes, no diet....just one tailored jacket by Edwina.

It was at a friends bar called 1000 Pound Bend, with a preshow party with music by DJ FANTASTIC MR FOX - an amazing friend by the name of Andy Wilson.

The parade featured video art by McDaddy-thew Linde & Ellery Baxsterdog and the parade had DJ Todd Watson playing with the opening of Sweet Disposition (Temper Trap)

The Gorilla Guerrilla name comes half from inspiration from my favourite designer Christopher Kane (Gorilla) and half from the origins of the word Guerrilla- which can be "an unconventional way of doing marketing promotion on a very low budget"---- and our budget was $0.

Also RMIT wouldn't have their name attached to something so disorganised although the whole thing was a great success.

A fellow Basement friend and blogger ( Melissa Tan also came with her friends British India, which was lovely!

All the models are friends and so are the photographers- these photos were taken by Cal Usteed, and I will upload more from Nic Durros and Walter Marantz. Thank-you to everyone who helped out; organising (Ellery) backstage managing and dressing models (especially Melissa D'Augello 'bliss'), doing make-up, video taping or even just coming!

A special thank-you to our VIP guests; Mick Peel, Peter Boyd, Sue Thomas, Jan McIlree, Peter Allen and all the teachers & industry people who attended including Nadia from ( and Vlad from (

The after party was outragous and featured this AMA-ZING lady and her incred song:

(last time Ellery and I heard that song at this venue one of the barmen was dancing to it on a summer afternoon after just dropping acid and it was clearly good grooving music)
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