Monday, January 18, 2010


Hello Cyber world!
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Back in Oz I spray painted some of my dads ex-girlfriends shoes that I snuck from her garbage bin and am wearing them all the time in New York! They are pretty simple boots with elastic at the heel and the height is perfect, not a high heel to feel too lanky in the subway when it sways under the Hudson River, and not small enough to feel odd wearing ankle cropped boots with my large disgusting biker calves. bahaa.

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A photo from THE BRYANT PARK! WOAH! Where there is an ice-skating rink for christmas and lots of little children fall over, soon they will clear it all up and start preparing for NEW YORK FASHION WEEK, YES OH YES! I applied for a job working as a promoter for FIJI water so that I could get unlimited backstage passes to all the shows....we'll see how that goes!

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(I love the street art everywhere, its like the entire world has gone against advertising and paints over everything, maybe its all inpsired by Supreme? This was taken on Bedford Ave, Williamsburg, just around the corner from where I live, I love walking past it everyday on the way to work!)

Starting to think that posting every day little bits and pieces is way more fun and maybe more entertaining for you Meliss-Bliss and Vlad and Melissa Tan(my 3 readers <3)



Michele said...

Sweet boots, I spraypainted a pair of boots a while ago, they came out really great! I still get lots of looks/compliments on them wherever I go! xx

Edwina Bulfrage said...

ah yay! What colour did u paint them? Do you know how to make them glossy again after you sprayed them?