Thursday, November 12, 2009

of late

I promise I will get back to documenting fashion uni work as soon as possible, but the weather is so divine and people are so beautiful and kind that I have been spending my summer socialising and have decided to capture that instead.

Organising a fashion show at 1000 pound bend with Ellery to show off our 2nd year work: Here is the venue, a large ware house on Elizabeth st x Little Lonsdale that is just so stunning; it even has roller disco some Saturday night and you can buy hamburgers in a caravan parked in between art installations and couches!

Also I have been spending alot of time at the beach as its so hot and I love the backpacker tourists and glamorous prostitutes that parade around St Kilda. We found a beautiful cafe in a tall building in the shape of an arrow and lilli sat and enjoyed calamari and beer during the peak heat of the afternoon!

And then we watched movies

I ALSO GOT A CALL FROM CHANEL TODAY ON COLLINS STREET AND FOUND OUT THAT I GOT A JOB! life is looking lovely. I am in lucky/pleasure-city


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