Friday, November 13, 2009


Went to an FTV party during assessment and couldn't find the photos we took! I went with Stefani Lanteri (who is about to move to Fitzroy YAY!) who wore a beautiful Willow dress- Willow is one of the best designers in Australia at the moment, she creates elegantly draped dresses and her cut is so fine that they seem to fit everyone. She also wore Wayne Cooper red velvet bow shoes and a vintage YSL bag.

I wore a selvage cut Versace blue and silver dress that my mom gave me a few years ago from an op shop and Target heels! The heels are so high but they're very easy to walk in and I felt taller than every single person (which as a girl on a night out is a little power trip that I very much enjoy). Also wore a Gucci bag and felt a little crazy with the prints and colours.

The night was a little strange, there was a VIP section upstairs at the venue and then downstairs in the theatre was a model competition trying to find Australia's next top model. There were FTV film crews everywhere and unfortunately the crowd was filled with footballers and tacky Ed Hardy women. We left after a few hours and went to Sister Bellas which was delime!