Sunday, August 29, 2010


When we live together, can we have drawing and painting and sticking nights, with brightly coloured crayons and butchers paper all over the floor? Can we keep daffodils and roses and geraniums on the windowsill? Can we turn the music up loud and have pippy-longstocking dancing/cleaning sessions? Do you mind if I sing i...n the shower? Can we make popcorn and watch movies? Will there be a bath-- and if so, can we have an incredible array of rose-petalled bath salts and bubble-making potions? Can we whip cream, to spread on our carrots? Can we sit on our porch in floral night-gowns, and chat to our neighbours? Can whoever is feeling perky in the morning bring tea and crumpets to the droopier party? Can we build forts? Can we imprison interesting people in the attic, and pin decorative people to the walls? (that's you lilli). can we BAKE our own BREAD?!! Floss together? Play Ella Fitzgerald in the morning?

CAN WE??!!!


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