Sunday, May 2, 2010

Why do you like plain white t-shirts?

I like them because they mean nothing, they don't make me 'an' anything.
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I've been thinking allot recently about gentrification, I think its a disappointing concept. If we were in 1984 and had Newspeak it would be eliminated and would hopefully then cease to exist.

How does it make sense that in urban environments people do not feel comfortable being an individual and therefore they join subcultures and confine themselves to a lifestyle that they dont necessarily agree with but is at least adverse to the norm (which they do value). Surely the bigger the world/city the more variety of influence ----> the more you learn and therefore understand and associate yourself with liking.
Are people with no personality just gentrified beings? Do they not particularly like or hate anything and therefore just follow?
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Does this also include people who see things from outside influences and put it all together differently i.e. having one subcultures music influence and another's art or fashion as self expression?
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Why don't people value garments as a way of proving that you have an interest in something? Why don't people who love cute little things wear cute little things?
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Why don't people take responsibility for influencing the world around them, why don't we express ourselves creatively in every single avenue we come across and therefore inspire to reach greater intellects?
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Slow motion lemmings running towards the cliff edge, looking through the world in a Tim Burton lens.
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Daddy, who lives down the end of Destiny Lane?
Son, two poets sit above the clouds in Destiny Lane, you haven't heard of them yet, but you will.

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