Sunday, November 8, 2009


Had my 21x2 which is the polite way for me to turn 22 without actually getting any older but hopefully I gained wisdom and wrinkles. Here are some photo highlights of the party

I wore a cat suit made of black velvet and YSL cage booties (from target!) and felt so special the entire night! There was a guest preformance from 'The Pussies' who played a few songs & the director of my uni came, Mick Peel, and his lovely wife, it was pretty special!

So that everyone felt welcome and to glue all the guests together I made name tags and stuck them to everyone, by the end of the night the words were so slurred and messages so convoluted that it became a bit of a game. Here are a few of the stickers I found the next morning, and a boy that slept drunkenly on the couch

The next morning I awoke to love messages written in lipstick all over my walls and windows, it was so delightful. I adore good company

Sweet dreams

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