Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Maffew Linde exhibition

Went to an exhibition for a friend and modelled one of his furry outfits. He created an exhibition space completely out of furry pillows and balls and string for the purpose of creating a cat wonderland. There was a band singing songs about cats (a la Joy Division style) and many fantastic outfits with fake fur circles & cute toy-soldier silhouettes.

These were the most incredible shoes; another artist at the exhibition had created little boats out of high heels, with the mast where the ankle would normally go, so beautiful!

Then we left and went to another exhibition where Ellery was lost in a gigantic wall of fake cheese

And the night finished off in a tiber cube that had been constructed in a different gallery space made from stacking blocks like tetris to create a sauna/igloo/good varnish smell.

Such a fun night!

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