Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Christopher Kane- Sugar to my veins

OOOOH So my friend and I were sitting in the gerber classroom finishing an assignment very late one night last week and thought it would be fun to go online shopping, and stumbled upon the Topshop website at EXACTLY THE RIGHT TIME TO MAKE MY VERY DREAMS OF ETERNITY COME TRUE.

I had heard of the Christopher Kane for Topshop collaboration a while ago and have been reading Jak & Jil and looking at their street snaps of all these incredibly stylish women wearing crocodiles & gorillas down their front.

Have been madly in love with every one of Mr Kane's collections since he graduated and I now feel like I have been uplifted into the rainbows of eternal bliss; all it took was one jersey dress.

Here is my pursuit of happiness:


even the puppy wanted a piece of the magic


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